Be an ARGFest Booster!

Want to help support ARGFest but aren’t quite at the level of sponsorship? We’re looking for some quick funds to help us cover the initial expenses – like reserving our fantastic venues & vendors. The sooner we can reserve, the sooner we can get our registration up, the sooner people can say “wheee! I’m going to ARGFest!!!”

(this chicken or egg conundrum is, perhaps, the most annoying part of ARGFest planning)

Becoming a booster is easy! On the right (and in the sidebar of most pages), you’ll notice a Boost Us! section. We’re using PayPal for this, so just let us know how much and how you want to be acknowledged. Clicking the “Buy Now” button will send you off to PayPal to make it happen.

As a booster you will get:

  • that warm fuzzy feeling you get when making dozens of people very happy
  • the appreciation of all ARGFest Attendees… especially those that are eager for registration info!
  • the sincere gratitude of the ARGFest Committee who are terrified these costs are going to fall on them.
  • and, of course, recognition on the site & in the program as a Booster

note: The PayPal account you are going to is Brooke’s. It’s the best way for us to get the funds in & out as quickly as possible. We trust her with this – she is the ARGFest 2010 Chair and on the ground in Atlanta dealing with our various venues & vendors. If you would prefer to give through Unfiction, feel free, but be sure contact us so that we can make sure that the funds are properly accounted for and you get the acknowledgment & appreciation you deserve.

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