Updates, Deadlines, and Sponsors… oh my!

We’ve been crazy busy here behind the scenes of ARGFest and lots of things are beginning to fall in place, which is making us all very happy. Venues have been selected and they’re awesome which makes it’s so hard to just tease you and not let you in on the secret – we’re still crossing the eyes and dotting the tees, but soon! We promise! We’re also *this close* to solving the various registration issues. Boy did things get complex with all the Thinking, Playing, and Doing going on this year! So, expect some really fun announcements in the next week or so. To be among the first to know… follow us on twitter!

Our other exciting news, especially for all of you with ideas out there, is that our submissions deadlines for both the festival and conference have been extended! Panel & Session submissions are now being accepted until May 15 and Game & Event submissions are being accepted until June 15! We’re giving you some extra time, but you might not want to take it. Submissions are reviewed on a weekly basis. The earlier that you get your idea in, the better chance you have of it making the schedule. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

And, saving our favorite news for last… We’ve secured our very first sponsor! Stitch Media! We couldn’t be more excited that our first sponsor announcement went to them – we’re huge fans, not because they’re friends and supporters, but because they’re really good at what they do. So, if you know Evan & co… thank them for their support! If you don’t know them, yet… get to know them! They’re smart and creative people that do great work and “get” transmedia as well as anyone we know.

For more exciting news… stay tuned, become a fan on facebook, and/or follow us on twitter!

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