A hint of what’s to come…

This year’s conference schedule is, in one word, amazing! So far, we’ve got six presentations, four panels, a couple workshops, and a little bit of insanity on the schedule. There are practical and hands on discussions dealing with designing, writing, and producing transmedia, alternate reality games, and public play. We’ll learn about some of the big issues facing us and how to make games that are more accessible, more appealing, and more inclusive. And, for the first time, we’ll hear from both the people making these things and the people playing them.

We’ve got a huge variety of programming types, too! Some of the most experienced folks in field will be giving presentations & case studies, taking a part in panel discussions, and leading workshops & small group gatherings. It’s going to be interactive – the audience won’t get away with just sitting there, oh no!, posters set up throughout the conference will encourage discussion on ideas & issues and allow you to help us figure out where we, as a genre or industry or group, are and where we are headed. And, if it works, the last session of conference will be an incredibly fun and inspiring round-up of our thoughts.

As we confirm our sessions and speakers, we’ll make more specific announcements. Check back soon or follow along on twitter for the latest announcements. We’re in the bio & pic collecting phase, so it won’t be long now!

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