ARGFest’s Swagtacular Swagfest… now with more Swag!

Flynn Lives Poster

Flynn Lives Poster

The team behind ARGFest managed to sneak into Unfiction HQ and walk away with a big pile ‘o swag from Flynn Lives (the alternate reality game revolving around TRON Legacy). Now, we could keep this stuff for ourselves and, believe you me, we’re tempted! But after all the bickering over who gets the blue posters and who gets the black, we realized there was only one thing we could do… give all this stuff to you!

So, here’s the deal. We’ve got 9 Flynn Lives swag packages that include a t-shirt & a poster. We will be giving out three a week for each of the next three weeks, drawing randomly from anyone who has registered for a Complete Pass, a Conference Pass, or an Events Pass. For our purposes, weeks start on Monday and go until Sunday and winners will be announced on Monday (with the first winners being announced on May 10). That means that if you register before this Sunday, you will have three chances to win! So what are you waiting for?  Register today!

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