Atlanta Streets Alive!

While we know many of you are from out of town, those of you in Atlanta this Sunday (May 23) will definitely want to head to Downtown & the Old Fourth Ward between 1 & 6pm for the first-ever Atlanta ciclovia.

“What’s a ciclovia?” you ask. Well, it literally means “bike path” but it is oh so much more. The streets are closed and people are invited to come out and reclaim them for walking and riding bikes and skating and just plain ol’ people watching. It also means a load of fun activities like jumping rope and yoga and all sorts of dancing and music. Oh, sure, it’s not so much on the street games & urban play (that’s where ARGFest comes in!), but it’s still a heck of a lot of fun and a great way to get out there and do something while you’re waiting for July’s ARGFest fun!

For more information, check out the Atlanta Streets Alive! website or just take a look at this handy dandy interactive map to get a good look at the route.

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