Registration is… open!

Woohoo! Registration is open! You can find out all of the details on the ARGFest Registration page, but here’s a bit of an overview…

New this year are Registration Packages. We did this for a number of reasons, but mostly because we want to keep the Fest free in order to encourage locals to come and participate in the games. However, free just will not cover our costs. So we’ve sweetened the deal and are offering a Fest Pass with priority access to games & events for any that may have participation limits. The Fest Pass, like all package deals, also comes with the Official ARGFest T-Shirt, a Bag o’ Swag, and access to the ARGFest Suite where you can hang out with your fellow ARGFesters. Other packages include an Events Pass (all of the events), the Conference Pass (the conference and none of the events) and, of course, the Complete Pass which gives you the Fest Pass, the Events Pass, and the Conference Pass all in one big bundle. We strongly recommend the Complete Pass as it will give you access to all of the events, two incredible days of conference sessions, and two full days of fun location-based games and urban play. When it’s all added up it is, by far, the best bang for the buck. If this sounds confusing, there’s a handy image at the bottom of the registration page showing a grid of all the packages and what they offer. If none of the packages meet your needs, you can mix and match and register for specific events.

Just like last year, there are 4 different registration periods and the earlier you register the better the deal. Early Bird Registration is open from now until May 23. Late registration begins on June 28 and goes until July 14. Then, of course, you can pay at the door. But, really, you don’t want to wait. No matter when you register, you’ll get a great deal for all that ARGFest has to offer, but who wants to pay more than they have to?

In order to make things easier on us and on you, we’ve set up registration through Eventbrite. This is our first time using the service and any feedback you have will help us figure out if we made the right decision. So feel free to let us know about your experience.

Hotel information will be coming shortly. At the last minute, a new hotel came to our attention and it looks like we might be able to get y’all a better deal (at a nicer hotel to boot!). We know that you’re eager to book your rooms (we are too!), but if we can save everyone a few bucks by waiting just a couple more days, we think it’s worth it. We’ll let you know as soon as we can!

If you know what you want and don’t care to look over the registration page, you can skip it and…

Register for ARGFest 2010 in Atlanta, GA  on Eventbrite

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