All powerful! All mighty! Speakers quake at the very sight!

All Hail the Grand Inquisitor!

The Grand Inquisitor haunts the conference floor and gets in the minds of all ARGFest attendees to make sure that the tough questions are being asked… and no speaker is safe from his inquisition. For this reason, and this reason not alone, it was vital that we announce who has been bequeathed the power of the ’stache. Speakers, you have been warned! Your time to prepare is short! Do you have what it takes to stand up against….

The Grand Inquisitor


That’s right! This year, Steve Peters has stepped up to lead the charge. I can hear the sighs of relief already, but don’t be fooled dear speakers! He may be charming. He may be nice. But he’s been around. He knows the players. He knows the industry. He’s designed games. He’s worked with the best of the best. And he’s smart. Those that came before him have taught him well. Inquisitor the First, a Mr. Elan Lee, established the tone for all Inquisitors to follow and, to this day, the speakers of ‘08 fear his inquiring mind. Inquisitor the Second, one Brian Clark, learned well and let no question go unasked. But one question must be asked of the Inquisitor, himself:  What will he do with his ’stache?

Steve Peters is a Partner and Chief Experience Architect at No Mimes Media. A pioneering force in the Alternate Reality Game/Cross-Media Entertainment genre, Steve has worked on some of the biggest and most successful interactive experiences to date, including Why So Serious (for the feature film The Dark Knight), Year Zero (for the Nine Inch Nail album of the same name), The Vanishing Point, and Dead Man’s Tale (for Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man’s Chest).

He founded the Alternate Reality Gaming Network in 2002, has contributed to books and articles on the subject, and has been interviewed by everyone from G4-TV to WIRED to the Los Angeles Times. Past projects have won multiple awards, including a Cannes Lions Grand Prix Award, One Show Entertainment Awards, and Webby Awards.

Prior to co-founding No Mimes Media, Steve was Director of Experience Design at 42 Entertainment and founder of Vital Interactive Media, a multimedia production company that developed music and audio content for television, theater, and computer games/applications.

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