ARGFest Afternoon Schedule!

Curious as to how you’ll be spending your afternoons at ARGFest? Here’s a hint… it’s not going to be in a conference room!

Ok, that’s not fair, part of it will be. And, if you want to, you can spend the entire day in there. We can say that you’ll learn a lot and do alot, but we can’t tell you what because that’s up to you. Seriously.

Each afternoon will start off in the main conference room with a panel. On Thursday there’s a great panel all about casual social games (things like Farmville – because you can’t have a conference these days without talking about Farmville. It’s a rule!) and what we, in transmedia and alternate reality gaming, can learn from them. It’s not that we want you to go out and create a new Farmville (please don’t!) but there is an appeal to these super social and super casual games that can not be ignored and there are some great lessons here for us.

The panel starting off Friday afternoon is what sets ARGFest apart from every other transmedia sort of conference out there… it is a panel of enthusiasts who have played a number of ARGs and explored transmedia because they enjoy it, not just because they make it. It’s not a job for them. It’s how they choose to spend their down time. We’ll be able to learn from, and perhaps, share in their joys & frustrations as they tell us what they love & hate and what they want to see more of & would rather see disappear. They’ll challenge our ideas of what it means to create and play in this space. It’s going to be an outstanding session and we’re really thrilled about it.

It’s already sounding pretty good, right? But hold on, we don’t settle for good. We want amazing! And we know you do, too.

Two days of listening to people talk is hard work. If you’re not careful and if you don’t shake it up, all of those great ideas get muddled. Plus it’s kinda hard to focus after lunch unless you’re doing what you want and something that excites you.

So! We’re shaking it up and throwing panels & presentations out the window for a big chunk of the afternoon. Instead, you can participate in workshops led by some of the most talented people in the field or a mini game jam where small teams will be challenged to create games & events for the festival. If you’d rather not get your hands dirty, you can join various birds of a feather gatherings and spend time getting to know and talking to people thinking about & dealing with the same issues that you are. While all of that is going on, the conference room will be devoted to this crazy organic session with topics & panelists coming and going… who sits on the panel & the topics that are discussed will be up to you (with a touch of help from a moderator if necessary).

We’ll all come back together in the conference room for the final presentation of the day before breaking for the evening’s activities – the Booze & Shmooze cocktail party or the keynote banquet.

So that’s your afternoon… some talks, some panels, and a lot of fun!

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