Getting your hands dirty – ARGFest Workshops

Yesterday, we teased you with the afternoon workshops. Today, we tell you all about two of them and, hoo boy, are they good ‘uns!

Writing for Transmedia is a writing workshop facilitated by Maureen McHugh of No Mimes Media. If you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Maureen, you’re in for a huge treat. Not only does Maureen know how to write and tell truly captivating stories (she’s won awards for both published works and transmedia), but she knows how to teach whether its in a classroom or in a casual conversation. So, when she was excited about the possibility of doing a writers’ workshop, we were overjoyed.

The workshop will be spread out over the two days during the afternoon workshop blocks (90 minutes each day, so this is a 3 hour workshop). You will have the opportunity to write an asset for a hypothetical transmedia production and get some instruction and feedback from other taking part in the workshop. There will also be discussion about writing for transmedia and how it’s different from other forms of storytelling.

Space is limited to sixteen participants and you must be registered for the conference. To apply you will need to send a writing sample to If there are more than sixteen applicants there will be a waiting list and you will find out where you are when you check in with your registration on Thursday. To learn more about the workshop and Maureen, check out the Writing for Transmedia session page.

Now, if the workshop fills up without you, don’t worry, there will be plenty of other things going on. Another very hands-on activity will be a sort of mini game-jam. If you are not familiar with the game jam concept, essentially you walk in with nothing and by the end of the weekend you have a working playable prototype of a game. Now, we don’t have a whole weekend, so there’s not going to be much complex designing and programming going on. Instead, you will be creating simple street games in small teams that can be played during the festival. If you’d like you can utilize location-based technologies, but you could do a super low-tech variant of tag if you choose. It’s up to you and your team. The only requirement is that the game must be playable by Saturday morning for the festival. No pressure there! To help you get started there will be a theme, but you won’t know what it us until the workshops begin. It should be a lot of fun – both in the creating and in the playing.

This is shaping up to be the most creative ARGFest ever, even with the dozen or so panels & presentations. Thinking! Playing! Doing! It’s more than just a theme, it’s who we are. It’s who you are! Have you registered yet? ‘Cause you’re going to kick yourself if you miss it this year. You know you will.

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