The Official ARGFest T-Shirt… designed by you?

Woo! It’s time once again where we reach out to you to help us come up with the official ARGFest t-shirt. We’d do it ourselves, we even have a design ready, but it’s kind of embarrassing. We can put together an amazing conference and we’re getting pretty good at the festival thing, but a t-shirt? So beyond us. You guys, though…you guys are awesome! Plus, you have motivation: you want a t-shirt you wouldn’t be ashamed to wear. And it comes with some pretty cool bragging rights as well as the opportunity to see your design being worn by some of the coolest folks around. Don’t believe us? Check out the photos from last year’s ARGFest – the t-shirt Rowan designed shows up in a good number of them!

So, here’s the deal – you’ve got about a week to put something together and send it to us. The committee will fight over which they like the best and a winner will be chosen. If, for some reason, we cannot decide, we’ll throw it out to the community for a vote. We’ll let you know and tweet all about it (in 140 characters or less).

Here’s what we’ll be looking for…

  • A fun design that will be printed on the front of the t-shirt
  • A design that can be printed in 5 colors or less – remember fewer may be better (and cheaper!)
  • Something that mentions ARGFest 2010 (July 15-18 is optional… as is Atlanta, but feel free to work it in)

Here are a few themes if that helps you get started….

  • We’ve got the whole Think! Play! Do! thing going on this year and, obviously, triangles.
  • We’ve also been using “2 old 2 play with these?” along side various childhood toys like big wheels, tricycles, jump ropes, kick balls, pogo sticks, etc in some promotional items. It’s fun and definitely plays with the festival theme. A t-shirt might twist that around with you’re never 2 old 2 play.
  • The Atlanta skyline isn’t all that bad looking and there are some nice landmarks like the Coca-Cola museum, the Varsity, the Georgia Aquarium, and the Fox Theater that show up all the time. Also, the Georgia peach.
  • We’ve got the festival this year which is all about playing outside, playing with place, and/or location-based entertainment… so there might be some possibilities there.

Really, though, we’re open to most anything as long as it doesn’t violate any sorts of copyright restrictions or wouldn’t make our mothers cringe. So have at it!

Send us your designs before June 20th. And be sure to let us know what color t-shirt it should be printed on, unless you don’t mind us making that choice.  Below are the color options that we’ve decided are best and/or most likely to be worn by folks.

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