Just days away…

It’s crazy here at ARGFest HQ as we finish pulling together all the bits & pieces of what is, most definitely, going to be an outstanding event!

The conference schedule has been finalized and is one heck of a program. Everyone seems to want to know what sessions we’re most looking forward to and, every time, our answers change! It’s that good.

Steve Peters is serving as this year’s Grand Inquisitor and, as such, he’ll be helping to keep the sessions moving and making sure that none of the hard questions go unasked. A definite challenge this year with 10 sessions & 25+ speakers covering everything from gender & engagement issues to more specific looks at television, casual games, and public play.

But the conference isn’t only sessions. We also have workshops & small group gatherings. So, whether you want to spend your time getting your hands dirty (creating a street game, building ARG props & artifacts, or learning about writing for transmedia) or meeting with people facing similar challenges or looking at similar issues as you, you can.

One of the more exciting parts of this years conference is the dotmocracy. Throughout the event, ARGFest attendees & those following along online will be letting us know how they feel about a dozen or more issues & ideas on alternate reality gaming & transmedia & public play. These will help start conversations and, possibly, debates. But more than that, they will be a great way to figure out where some of the current thoughts & trends in this stuff is and where we might be headed. (help us out by tweeting issues & ideas to be included. use the #argfest hashtag)

The festival schedule will be announced on Tuesday – but we’ll tease you with the fact that we’ve got a handful of some of the most creative games we’ve ever seen. And we’re not entirely sure why, but it looks like someone thought this was a job seminar and not a games festival and so, if you’re looking for a job at some company called Socks, Inc, you just might get a chance to apply! And, in this economy, who’s not looking for a job or something to fall back on?

And, of course, there are the parties! This year, they will all be held at the W, in a room with amazing views of Atlanta & Piedmont Park.  The Booze & Shmooze on Thursday, sponsored by No Mimes Media & Fourth Wall Studios, is designed for meeting old friends & making new ones. It’s the first parties and, if history holds, will come with a surprise or two. On Friday is our Keynote Dinner which will not only come with some amazing food, but some inspiring thought as Maureen McHugh gives the keynote address. Saturday Night, after a day of play, we gather again at the W for fun food & good times.

It’s going to be an amazing four days and we cannot wait to see you!

If you haven’t already registered, you’ll want to do that before Wednesday (prices jump at the door). And, of course, if you or your company would like to sponsor us or one of the events – get in touch!

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