Sponsor ARGFest today & get some great advice!

Are you or your company looking for help with alternate reality gaming, transmedia storytelling, or experience design? Great! Brooke Thompson, the ARGFest Chair, has graciously agreed to donate her time in exchange for ARGFest sponsorships. For as little as $1000 (a Silver level sponsorship), you can get her to help you out – whether you’re [...]

The Official ARGFest T-Shirt… designed by you?

Woo! It’s time once again where we reach out to you to help us come up with the official ARGFest t-shirt. We’d do it ourselves, we even have a design ready, but it’s kind of embarrassing. We can put together an amazing conference and we’re getting pretty good at the festival thing, but a t-shirt? [...]

ARGFest’s Swagtacular Swagfest… now with more Swag!

The team behind ARGFest managed to sneak into Unfiction HQ and walk away with a big pile ‘o swag from Flynn Lives (the alternate reality game revolving around TRON Legacy). Now, we could keep this stuff for ourselves and, believe you me, we’re tempted! But after all the bickering over who gets the blue posters [...]

Volunteers wanted!

We’re looking for two volunteers to take the lead on two of our most important tasks: Sponsorship & Volunteer Coordination.
As our Sponsorship Chair, you will be responsible for reaching out to potential sponsors as well as managing sponsor relations up to and including ARGFest in July. It’s a big and important job, but you will [...]

Be an ARGFest Booster!

Want to help support ARGFest but aren’t quite at the level of sponsorship? We’re looking for some quick funds to help us cover the initial expenses – like reserving our fantastic venues & vendors. The sooner we can reserve, the sooner we can get our registration up, the sooner people can say “wheee! I’m going [...]

Getting Excited for ARGFest

The announcement has been made… ARGFest 2010 will be in Atlanta, GA! So book your tickets and mark your calendars for July 15-18. It’s going to be a blast and you aren’t going to want to miss it.
This year is the first year that we are, officially, spreading beyond the weekend. Its been harder and [...]

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