9:30Opening RemarksOpening Remarks
9:40Brian Clark's kick-off spectacleKeeping It Casual
Jim Babb, Simeon Poulin

The revolution in gaming is here… and it is causal! While 7 million players kill swaths of baddies in Call of Duty 2, there are more then 80 million active players harvesting their digital crops on Farmville. What can ARGs & transmedia learn from casual social media games?
10:00Beyond the Brunette
Andrea Phillips

ARGs have a reputation for being woman-friendly. And it's true -- they certainly have a better track record than mainstream video games. But there's a long way to go, yet. How can we make games more appealing, more inclusive, & more socially responsible.
10:30Coffee BreakCoffee Break
10:45Can Transmedia Save the Soap Opera
Brooke Thompson

After over 70 years of regular broadcasts, Soaps are being taken off the air. Why? And why should we care? What can we learn from it - and from soaps? What can they learn from us?
Follow the Rabbit Hole
Patrick Moller

One of the largest challenges to ARGs is getting people involved from the beginning - Patrick will explain why this is important and what vm-people is doing about it.
11:15ARG TV
Nina Bargiel, Mike Monello, Owen Shiflett

"Extended Realities" and "360 Experiences" are taking shows beyond the small screen. But are they engaging an audience or just promoting the shows? Will we ever see a fully integrated experience? This panel will take a deeper look at some of challenges that transmedia writers, designers & producers face when dealing with the television.
TransGenre: City Gaming & Public Art
Peggy Weil, Ann Dennington, Carl DiSalvo, Sara Thacher, Jeff Watson

While urban game designers are tech-savvy and urban gamers find themselves in virtual and augmented realities – required to take full advantage of mobile/social networks - games as public art have theatrical roots, particularly in street theater, improv, performance art, club culture and literature.
12:15Morning wrap-upMorning wrap-up
1:30Afternoon RemarksAfternoon Remarks
1:45We Want to Play!
David Tenenbaum & others

This panel of players will tell us how it is! What is it that engages them? What do they love & hate? What do they want to see more of and what do they never want to see again? How do they feel about “transmedia” and where would they like to see it go?
Transmedia Production
Behnam Karbassi (via Skype)

Despite the recent adoption of Transmedia into mainstream thinking, the question remains: How do we make all this s#@t? Behnam will discuss how the unique challenges of producing Transmedia—understanding video, audio, web, mobile, print and everything in between is only the beginning of creating the next generation of entertainment.

(Other producers in the audience may be encouraged to participate - especially if there are technical issues)
2:45Afternoon BreakAfternoon Break
3:00Small Group Block
Workshops: Writing for Transmedia, Artifacts, Mini-Game Jam
Groups: Start Ups, Resource Sharing, Publishing
Small Group Block
Workshops: Writing for Transmedia, Artifacts, Mini-Game Jam
Groups: Pitching, Promotion, Film
4:30Dotmocracy Wrap-Up

A quick look at some of the interesting ideas & controversies discovered in the dotmocracy.
Dotmocracy Wrap-Up

Announcing the results & any interesting ideas or controversies discovered in the dotmocracy.
5:00The World Outside
Evan Barba

This talk will chart the trajectory of AR from the research lab to our pockets and offer useful insights and strategies for creating compelling stories and experiences that tap the power of this exciting new medium to transform the everyday world around us into a rich multimedia platform.
Beyond Blair Witch
Mike Monello & Brian Clark

A look back at Blair Witch to see how far we've come since and where we might be headed in the future.
5:30Announcements & RemarksAnnouncements & Remarks

Note: There will be changes as we confirm the last few speakers, moderators, & sessions.

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