Beyond the Brunette

Speaker: Andrea Phillips

ARGs have a reputation for being woman-friendly. And it’s true — they certainly have a better track record than mainstream video games. But there’s a long way to go, yet.

This session will take a look at where we stand now, from a creative and professional standpoint, and talk about ways developers can make games more appealing, more inclusive, and more socially responsible.

Andrea Phillips

Andrea Phillips is an independent transmedia creator and writer working out of New York. Her projects include the Sony 2012 Experience, the educational thriller Routes Game, and Perplex City. Routes has won the Prix Jeunesse, a Broadcast Digital Award, and a BIMA, while Perplex City won a Vanguard Origins Innovation award.

Andrea serves on the leadership council of the International Game Developers Association’s special interest group on alternate reality games. She was also a moderator of the Cloudmakers Yahoo! group. She blogs about digital culture, gaming, gender issues and net-native literature at

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