Follow the Rabbit

Presentation & Case Study
Speaker: Patrick Möller

With alternate reality games increasing in popularity, there are still barriers keeping them from achieving a mainstream success. One of the biggest is the fact that people don’t want to wade through weeks of game history on forums and wikis – they want to be involved from the start! But how?

This session will address that issue and show how one company has solved that problem by launching a website, (Follow the Rabbit), which allows players to register and become involved in ARGs from the beginning and follows them throughout the game. The site has already launched two games and, with multiple langauge support coming, will soon allow people from all over the world to participate in future vm-people projects from the start.

Patrick Möller


With the start of ARG-Reporter at the end of 2005, Patrick Möller helped to spread the word about alternate reality gaming throughout Germany. By the beginning of 2006, he had hooked up with vm-people in Berlin and taught them all that he knew about alternate reality gaming. This has led to a long relationship allowing him to become engaged with all of the game and community aspects of vm-people’s projects – and particularly with their alternate reality games. He and his colleagues have created some of the most successful German ARGs including “Final Mill” (Microsoft Germany), “Join the Pirates” (Roland Berger) and “Charlotte is Becoming Real” (Sebastian Fitzek, Author).

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