Keeping it Casual

Panelists: Jim Babb, Simeon Poulin

The revolution in gaming is here… and it is causal! While 7 million players kill swaths of baddies in Call of Duty 2, there are more then 80 million active players harvesting their digital crops on Farmville. This movement is taking over console games, mobile games, and has even spawned its own genre, social media games. How can ARG’s learn from this shift in games and gamers? And can a casual ARG exist and what does it look like? Does thinking about Causal games open up new modes of monetization, mechanic, or play for Transmedia environments?

Jim Babb

Jim Babb splits his time between being a media strategist and a game designer. He is currently finishing up his MA in media studies at The New School, where he is exploring his love of games, transmedia, and other digital stuff. Jim is a pretty cool human and has been known to navigate the intersection between games, narratives, and silliness. His most recent Alternate Reality Game, “Must Love Robots” received some critical acclaim and high-fives from peeps. Right now, he is working as a media strategist for the creative digital agency Big Spaceship. It is important to note that Jim is absolutely obsessed with board games and tacos.  There is also a good chance that he is taller than you.

Simeon Poulin

Simeon Poulin needed a change. He had 8 years of experience working as an Art Director and Designer in Advertising and Marketing. It was not what he wanted to do with his life. He was living his life in Brooklyn, NY when friend of his introduced him to an instructor from Parsons Design and Technology Department. It sounded interesting. He took a closer look and fell in love with the DiY, Hacker mentality of the department. The blending of different disciplines into a dynamic new thing. That is what he wanted to do.

While he was there – he discovered a love of game design. He was fascinated by the power of games to engage an audience and to convey a story. This led him to his Thesis project; an ARG called 4th Wall.

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