Transmedia Production: Making the New Frontier

Panelists: Behnam Karbassi,

ARGsDespite the recent adoption of Transmedia into mainstream thinking, the question remains: How do we make all this s#@t?

This panel brings together some of the top producers in the field to discuss the unique challenges of producing Transmedia – and that understanding video, audio, web, mobile, print and everything in between is only the beginning of creating the next generation of entertainment.

Behnam Karbassi

With over 10 years of marketing, event and entertainment experience, Behnam has produced innovative projects for top companies like Toyota, Warner Brothers and Sony. His interest in all things interactive began back in 1997, when he worked with up and coming record companies and music artists to produce one of the worlds first weekly live webcasting shows.

He then led teams at top ad agencies, like Saatchi & Saatchi, to develop interactive and brand departments, as well as spearheading several emerging technology industry firsts.

After managing several multi-million dollar brands, his love of filmmaking drove him to establish an independent production company. In addition to award winning short films and music videos, he has produced content for major clients earning a coveted No. 1 video ranking on YouTube.

Before co-founding No Mimes Media, he was an essential part of the team at 42 Entertainment that created and produced the heralded alternate reality experiences Why So Serious for The Dark Knight and Project Abraham for Playstation 3’s Resistance: Fall of Man game franchise.

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