We Want to Play!

Panelists: Dave Tenenbaum

This panel of players will tell us how it is! What is it that engages them? What do they love & hate? What do they want to see more of and what do they never want to see again? How do they feel about “transmedia” and where would they like to see it go?

Dave Tenenbaum

Unfiction Administrator

Dave entered the world of alternate reality gaming the way most people do; as a player. He found the Metacortechs game in the Fall of 2003, while searching for answers about the then upcoming third Matrix film, and has never looked back. He felt so moved by that first playing experience, he recorded his impressions as one of the authors of The Project Mu Archives, and helped create a commemorative trail (Project Um) that entertained a very small number of players. Dave went on to play several subsequent games, although his posting on the unFiction forums tended to be on Meta topics. He subsequently has participated in the community as a forum moderator, and later an administrator. Both on the forums, and as an occasional guest on the ARG NetCast, he has shown a particular interest in Meta issues, and the expectations and experiences of players in alternate reality gaming.

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