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4th Wall

Simeon Poulin/Eric Chung

Time required: 1-2 hours
Tech required: computer/internet
Location: Wherever
Time: Whenever!

Paige Stein is missing. Her apartment has been burned to the ground.

She is a reporter working for the Daily Informant ( online news agency and she has stumbled onto a dangerous story. The only clue is a burned letter found in the fire. The letter outlines a story that links an apocalyptic cult and an unethical pharmaceutical company.

Her editor needs your help in order to find her.

Asama’s Drum

The Crux Club

Time required: Under 1 hour
Tech required: Wed enabled phone or device.
Location: Midtown
Time: Ongoing throughout Saturday & Sunday

As an Agent for a secret investigation group, you’ve been tasked with investigating a murder scene of a mysterious monk. You find a device on the body that is receiving text instructions from a head monk named Asama. Acting as the recipient of these instructions, you engage in challenges along Asama’s “Path of Power.” This path is the way to understanding an ancient mystical power contained in a magical drum. Asama will use it to destroy a whole building later that day if you don’t act quickly.

Using your internet accessible phone, you embark on a real time urban exploration adventure in Downtown Atlanta. You must solve puzzles and tasks set forth by Asama. When you understand the mysteries of the Path of Power and the mission of this sect of monks, will you be able to use it to thwart a catastrophic event?

Find out more and watch a trailer at To begin, simply send an email to anytime Saturday or Sunday of ARGFest.

No Talent Required

Studio Cypher

Time required: 30 min or Less
Location: Fest HQ (W Midtown / Focus)
Time: Saturday @ 11:00 am

No Talent Required is a game that pits its players against each other in one-on-one art duels! Don’t worry, though. As the name suggests, you don’t have to be an artist to play. Every player will get a bag of shapes they’ll use to create their masterpieces.  Can you draw a porcupine using three triangles, two circles, four rectangles, and a star? Trade shapes with other players to improve your chances and prepare for the Final Showdown between all the players at the end of the day!

Radar Blip

Data Played

Time Required: Under 1 hour
Location: Piedmont Park (Gather at Fest HQ)
Time: Saturday @ 8:00 pm

Pew Pew Pew… Watch out!

Finally, flashlights have turned from ordinary household objects into Weapons of Awesome Destruction (or W.A.Ds)!
Radar blip is a family friendly night game that takes a baseball field and envisions it as radar screen.   Blip, Blip, Blip…

Players act as airplanes attempting to avoid detection by outwitting radar operators. While the operators, at the same time, try to hunt and shoot down the opposing team’s planes.

Socks, Inc. New Employee Orientation

Socks Incorporated

Time Required: 1-2 hours
Location: Fest HQ
Time: Saturday @ 1:00 pm

Dear New Team Member,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Socks Incorporated Toy Factory.  As you know, we specialize in creating toys through handcrafted and time-tested techniques.  I hope you are prepared to start your journey through Socks Incorporate.  We are excited to bring you on board and have to hand it to you, for your excellent work so far.  Please be prepared for our grueling, if slightly untraditional, job orientation and training.

Once again, thank you and good luck!
Mr. Barnsworth
Socks, Inc.


Brooke Thompson

Time Required: 1 hour
Location: Piedmont Park
Time: Sunday @ 1:00 pm

Large letters have been scattered around the park and it is your job to find one. Once you do, you’ve got to find enough other people who have found letters so that you can form a word… a real word… not just one of those made up ones… well, not unless you can convince the Word Master that it’s a real one. Once you’ve gathered a word, head to the Word Master. Simple, right?

Not so much! Like Scrabble, each letter is worth a certain number of points… do you keep that Z you found or trade it in for an E? How many words, real words, can you spell with your letters? How many little tasks you were able to compete on the way? And… how quickly did you get back to the Word Master? Oh yes! It’s a battle between time & creativity. And it’s up to you to win.

ARGFest Workshop Games!


Small teams will gather together at the FestJam Workshop. What sort of games will they come up with in 48 hours with only 3 hours of time devoted to group get togethers? They’ll probably be simple, but I’m sure they’ll be awesome! (besides, simple is often better!)

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