For the first time, ARGFest has a few different registration packages. Each one is designed to make registration easier and to allow you to pay for the events you’ll be attending. All packages come with access to the ARGFest Suite (woo! lots of fun!), the official ARGFest T-Shirt and a Bag o’ Swag. If you can’t find a package that is perfect for you, you may also sign up for the events individually. If all this talk of packages confuses you, scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll see a graphic showing each package and what it includes.

EventBrite is handling our registration, so don’t be shocked when you’re taken to their page to select and pay for your package. If you already know what you want, feel free to skip all the reading and…

Register for ARGFest 2010 in Atlanta, GA  on Eventbrite


Click on any package or event to be taken to our EventBrite registration page. Prices listed are for each of the remaining registration periods… the earlier you register, the better the deal! The current price is the one that isn’t grayed out.

Late (June 28 – July 14) / Door (July 14 – July 18)

Complete Pass ($250 / $300)
Are you hoping to attend everything that ARGFest has to offer? Then this pass is the one that you want. The Complete Pass gives you:

  • 2 days filled with incredible conference sessions (Thurs & Fri)
  • 2 days of fun games and great events (Sat & Sun)
  • Booze & Shmooze (Thurs)
  • Keynote Dinner (Fri)
  • Saturday Night Party (Sat)
  • Priority Fest Access
  • Access to the ARGFest Suite,
  • Bag o’ Swag
  • The Official 2010 ARGFest T-Shirt

Conference Pass ($150 / $200)
If you are only planning to come for the conference on Thursday & Friday, this is the pass for you. The Conference Pass gives you:

  • 2 days of fantastic conference sessions
  • Priority Fest Access
  • Access to the ARGFest Suite
  • Bag o’ Swag,
  • The Official 2010 ARGFest T-Shirt.

Event Pass ($150 / $200)
If you planning to be in town and want to attend the parties and meet people, but aren’t interested in the conference sessions, this is what you’re looking for. The Event Pass gives you:

  • Booze & Shmooze Cocktail Party (Thurs)
  • Keynote Dinner (Friday)
  • Saturday Night Party (Sat)
  • Priority Fest Access
  • Access to the ARGFest Suite
  • Bag o’ Swag
  • The Official 2010 ARGFest T-Shirt.

Fest Pass ($30 / $35)
The Fest is free, but, some games & events may have a limit to the number of participants and will be available on a first come first serve basis. Getting a Fest Pass not only gets a Bag o’ Swag & T-shirt, but it’ll put you ahead of the line when it comes to signing up for games & events. The Fest Pass gives you:

  • Priority Fest Access
  • Access to the ARGFest Suite
  • Bag o’ Swag
  • The official 2010 ARGFest T-Shirt.


While we’ve done our best to create packages that will work for most attendees, you may register for only the events that you will be attending.

Booze & Shmooze ($40 / $50)
The Booze & Shmooze is a cocktail party & networking event (what sort of conference would we be without one?) taking place on Thursday after the first full day of sessions. There will be lots of appetizers and a cash bar.

Keynote Dinner ($85 / $100)
The Keynote Dinner takes place at the end of the conference on Friday Evening and, if the reviews of last year’s are any indication, it is definitely not to be missed. A full dinner will be followed by a Keynote Presentation and, perhaps, a few surprises.

Saturday Night Party
($40 / $50)
An ARGFest first! A full blown officially on the schedule party. It’s going to be a blast! There will be food and a cash bar and all sorts of other craziness going on. And, as the name implies, it will be happening on Saturday Night.

ARGFest Registration Packages

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